Earl Mitchell Ebie is the founder of earlmitchellco, and the mastermind behind the creative transformation of valuable, yet forgotten materials, into timeless home furnishings.

Mitch thrives on creativity, with outlets in photography and drawing, graphic design, a love for architecture and precision skills; having grown up in Orrville, Ohio, he absorbed the craft of building furniture from family and local Amish. His vision for earlmitchellco reflects this background in its functionality, sturdiness and interesting details which make each piece unique in its heritage and repurposing.

Living in Nashville, Tennessee while working as a financial analyst, Mitch searched for a coffee table for his apartment and was unable to find one that suited his preferences and needs, which prompted him to build his own table. On a trip home to Ohio’s Amish country, Mitch pulled rafters from a barn on his family’s farm and crafted his table from this vintage lumber. This ignited the artistry and passion that began the journey of earlmitchellco; Mitch researches and discovers abandoned barns, rural sawmills and other resources which he crafts into one of a kind reclaimed and repurposed furniture – he takes pride in making sure the pieces are of a similar look and feel, with matching weathering grades and patina build up on the lumber. Mitch’s vision of earlmitchellco is a rustic take on the ‘mortise-tenon’ style of craftsmanship, channeling authenticity, history and functionality for a modern lifestyle.